VB 6 to VB .NET Migration

  • Mini-Guide: VB .NET and the .NET Framework, Part 1

    Migrating to Visual Basic .NET? Then these eight tutorial videos are your starting point to discover new language changes and how your applications can benefit from the .NET Framework. These tutorials will teach you how to avoid memory leaks, ...  Continue Reading

  • ASP to ASP.NET Migration Learning Guide

    Need a little motivation to finally convert your ASP applications to ASP.NET? Our newly updated migration guide can help by spelling out what to expect before porting your applications. Discover conversion tips and tricks, hands-on tutorials, ...  Continue Reading

  • Visual Basic 6 and VB .NET Mini-Guide

    Are you a Visual Basic 6 developer who has yet to make the jump to .NET? If the heavy coverage of Visual Basic 2005 is causing you to squirm, then early peeks at pre-release versions of 'Orcas' (VB9) must really be making you uncomfortable. But not ...  Continue Reading

  • .NET Migration Learning Guide

    This learning guide provides experienced Visual Basic 6 developers with a one-stop source for .NET migration information. If you haven't made the move to .NET yet, now is the time to pump new life into your existing Visual Basic skills. Learn what ....  Continue Reading