ASP.NET, Ajax and Web application development

  • ASP.NET Ajax tutorial

    This reference introduces developers to Microsoft's ASP.NET Ajax framework with a plethora of tips, tutorials and webcasts.  Continue Reading

  • Silverlight tutorial

    Silverlight is Microsoft's framework for building browser- and platform-agnostic Web apps. This resource will help developers see what Silverlight can do for them.  Continue Reading

  • Considering Bill Gates' Legacy

    The Post-Gates era at Microsoft begins in July 2008 as Bill Gates leaves day-to-day duties to oversee his philanthropic foundation. SearchWinDevelopment.com talked with a host of experts and pundits to try and gauge Gates' technology legacy.  Continue Reading

  • Ajax Learning Guide

    Are you a Web developer? The time has come to rethink your entire approach to developing Web applications. Find out about the Ajax approach (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and learn how Web developers using Ajax are enriching the user experience ...  Continue Reading

  • Fast Guide: SharePoint blogs

    In this day and age where most companies have limited budgets and resources, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) blogs may offer just the added support and networking needed to keep abreast of the information you need when you need it. Take a ...  Continue Reading