Data Access: Visual Studio 2008 Learning Guide

This section of the Visual Studio 2008 Learning Guide examines data access and management improvements to ADO.NET and XML.



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Visual Studio 2008 and Data Access

LINQ is a major step forward for data access, but it is not the only data access improvement for Visual Studio 2008. This section of our learning guide looks at the changes that lie ahead for ADO.NET and XML. The section that follows, meanwhile, takes a look at how the .NET 3.0 tools have evolved with the .NET Framework 3.5 release.

What's new in data access for Visual Studio 2008 (MSDN)
This article offers a quick introduction to LINQ, the Object-Relational Designer and other improvements to data access in VS 2008.

What's new in ADO.NET for Visual Studio 2008 (MSDN)
This article explains the LINQ features and the SQL Server 2008 features that apply to ADO.NET 3.0. (It also reminds us that the ADO.NET Entity Framework will not be shipping with VS 2008).

What's New in Visual Database Tools for Visual Studio 2008 (MSDN)
This article details some of the user interface improvements to VS 2008 that will make life easier for database programmers.

XML tools in Visual Studio 2008 (MSDN)
This serves as a landing page for information related to XML tools and features within VS 2008.

What's ahead for ADO.NET in Visual Studio Orcas (
An update to ADO.NET is coming. Paul Gielens of the ADO.NET group has been blogging about what will be in the new release, from stored procedures to disconnected entities.

Microsoft Project Astoria brings data services to Web API battle (
Using the upcoming ADO.NET Entity Framework, Astoria provides abstraction that allows developers to work with their own data models when creating apps using Web databases.

Astoria CTP updated for VS 2008 Beta 2 support (Microsoft)
Astoria is a tooklit for exposing data as a data service that can then be consumed through HTTP requests by Web clients. It caters to Rich Internet Applications that use Ajax or Silverlight. The September 2007 CTP of Astoria is now compatible with Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 and the ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 2.

Data management features coming to Visual Studio 2008 (ENT News)
At VSLive! in San Francisco, Microsoft outlined its plans for making database management programming less arcane. The key here is a four-pronged approach that focuses on entities, SQL Server, rich services and Visual Studio Orcas.


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