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This section of the Silverlight Learning Guide shows what types of applications are possible using Silverlight inside Visual Studio and the Expression suite.




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Having downloaded all the software necessary for Silverlight development and read the various articles and tutorials in this learning guide, it is almost time to get cracking. Almost. First, check out the case studies below to see what a large-scale Silverlight project entails. Then browse through the Silverlight samples that other developers have created and see what would work best for the application you are planning.


Silverlight Case Studies

Silverlight's shine seen in video editing app (
Top Banana, a video editing app from Metaliq, was built in a month using Silverlight and Expression and takes up less than 50K, the company CEO said at MIX07.

Case study: AOL turns to Silverlight for mail gadget in Vista (
Thanks to Silverlight, the AOL Social Mail Gadget squeezes multiple animations into a 130-pixel-wide gadget in the Windows Vista sidebar. Oh, and it was developed in four weeks.

Case study: Building a Silverlight application in four weeks (Tim Heuer)
Zero Gravity is a game in which players navigate around asteroids, ice blocks and other intergalactic obstacles in an effort to propel the wayward protagonist back to his spaceship. It was written entirely in Silverlight v1.1 using Visual Studio 2008 Beta 1, Expression Blend and Expression Design.


Silverlight Samples

Silverlight Samples A-Go-Go (Tim Sneath)
Here are more than 50 Silverlight samples that work with v1.0 Release Candidate. There's a comic book viewer, a couple chess games, some video modules and even some components that, you know, can be used in enterprise applications.

Even More Silverlight Samples (Dave Campbell)
This page links to numerous pointers on animations, Glyphs, buttons, and other concepts of note for Silverlight developers dipping into design for the first time.

Silverlight 1.0 Beta Samples (Microsoft)
This collection of samples includes a page-turning simulator, a video library and a visualized text animator.

Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Samples (Microsoft)
This collection of samples includes the chess application demoed at MIX07, a sketch pad and a social networking browser.

AlbumViewer application with Silverlight and ASP.NET AJAX (Dan Wahlin)
With the release of Silverlight v1.0 RC, this blogger has updated the carousel-styled, album-viewing application he had initially built using Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere.

Lutz Roeder's Silverlight Page (Lutz Roeder)
This developer has posted three Silverlight 1.1 Alpha samples, which are written in C# and XAML. There is a monochrome graphics demo, a Boulderdash clone and an in-page audio and video player.

Dynamic Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Samples (CodePlex)
This collection of samples, posted on Microsoft's open-source project host site, includes a photo viewer, a clock and a grand piano simulator. Samples have been posted in JavaScript and in IronPython.

View Source Reflector tool for .NET Silverlight Sites (Ernie Booth)
This blogger has created a plug-in to one of Lutz Roeder's samples that finds the dll assembly for a Silverlight page and also loads its JavaScript and root XAML.

Virtual Earth with Silverlight (Public Sector Developer Weblog)
This sample, available in both Silverlight 1.0 Beta and Silverlight 1.1 Alpha, mixes Microsoft Virtual Earth and Silverlight to display photos and other information related to data points on a map.

Silverlight Gallery Items Continue To Unimpress (Eric E. Dolecki)
This Flash developer encourages Microsoft to developer Silverlight applications that show off the runtime engine. He writes: "You don't need lame clocks, lame games, super-lame audio players, a lame socializer, a lame airline flight path thing, etc."


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