Silverlight Learning Guide: More References and Documentation

This section of the Silverlight Learning Guide looks at the documentation that has been posted on MSDN.


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More References and Documentation

This section takes a quick look at the Silverlight documentation that has been posted on MSDN, the Microsoft Developer Network. Topics include media playback in Silverlight applications, the Silverlight architecture and the use of RSS. After giving this section a glance, move on to the next section of the Silverlight Learning Guide, which offers case studies and sample code for your enjoyment.

Embeddable media playback with Silverlight
This article shows how to use Silverlight to build a service that can embed video on a blog (or any other Web page). All that is needed is an iFrame to the URL that contains your service, author Laurence Moroney indicates.

Getting started with Silverlight (MSDN)
In this article, Moroney describes how Silverlight fits into the development stack for the next generation of Web applications.

Silverlight for Web media scenarios (MSDN)
This Microsoft white paper outlines the benefits, features, and usage of Silverlight for the delivery of rich audio and video experiences on the Web.

Silverlight Architecture Overview (MSDN)
In this article, Barak Cohen looks at Silverlight's architecture and how it fits into Microsoft's Web application development technology stack.

Using Silverlight and RSS to build a 'Hero Bar' with ASP.NET (MSDN)
A "hero bar" appears at the top of certain Web pages and provides a frequently refreshed view of new content. In this article, Moroney shows how to use RSS to keep this content updated.

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