Silverlight Learning Guide: Forums and Community

This section of the Silverlight Learning Guide links to forums where developers can pose questions, report bugs and exchange ideas about Rich Internet Application development.


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   Silverlight: Get the software you need
   Silverlight articles and blogs
   Silverlight 1.0 Release Candidate Tutorials
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   Silverlight Forums and Community

Silverlight Forums and Community

Silverlight developers, you are not alone. The final section of our learning guide points you to a variety of forums where you can pose questions to Silverlight experts, report bugs or simply pick the brains of fellow developers.

Silverlight Developer Center (MSDN)
This site links to the software downloads, samples and blog entries that will help any .NET developer get started with Silverlight.

Silverlight General Discussion (MSDN)
This is a forum for posing questions about deployment, capabilities, compatibility and production, as well as deployment workflows and infrastructure.

Silverlight Designer Issues (MSDN)
This is a forum where designers can talk about tools and workflows, design implementation scenarios, XAML for Silverlight and design ideas.

Silverlight Developer Issues (MSDN)
This is a forum where developers can chat about development tools and workflows, implementation scenarios and design patterns.

Silverlight General Forums (Microsoft)
These forums give developers and designers a place to pose basic questions about getting Silverlight up and running. "No question too simple!" Microsoft says.
Installation and Setup | Getting Started | Hosting and Streaming

Silverlight Programming Forums (Microsoft)
Here developers can pick their peers' brains on .NET, Java and Visual Studio issues they encounter when working with Silverlight. There's also a spot reserved for reporting bugs.
Programming with JavaScript | Programming with .NET | Visual Studio | Report a Silverlight Bug

Silverlight Design Forums (Microsoft)
These forums give designers a chance to share ideas, discuss XAML for Silverlight and dive into the Expression product suite.
Designing with Silverlight | Video and Media | Expression Studio

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