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This section of the Silverlight Learning Guide links to news, commentary, tips and advice for Silverlight developers of all skill levels.


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Silverlight articles and blogs

This section of the Silverlight Learning Guide points to articles and blog entries that offer an in-depth look at the Rich Internet Application development tool, what it is capable of doing and how developers can make the most of it. After reading these items, go on to the next section, which takes a deep dive into Silverlight 1.0.

Silverlight basics

Silverlight expands reach to entire .NET Framework (
Silverlight will support the .NET Framework and the CLR. This brings .NET to the universal Web, Ray Ozzie said at MIX07. Also announced was a new Dynamic Language Runtime that supports Python and Ruby.

Checklist: What developers need to know about Silverlight (
Using Silverlight for rich Internet application development is certainly appealing, but there are a few things .NET developers should know before getting started. Here we offer a look at what developers need to download to work with Silverlight 1.1 Alpha right now and at what is not in the alpha version but should appear in the final version.

Silverlight, Ajax and the Rich Internet Application (
Developers got a look at Silverlight at The Ajax Experience. They also saw how it compares to, and contrasts with, Ajax as a Rich Internet Application development framework.

Silverlight tutorial: .NET, rich media come together (
With Silverlight on the minds of many developers, Scott Guthrie offered a tutorial of Microsoft's Rich Internet Application technology at Tech Ed 2007.

Visual Basic on Silverlight (The Visual Basic Team Blog)
This thorough post by Joe Binder offers details on working with Visual Basic in Silverlight. Special attention it paid to what tools to use and what features of the language are and are not supported.

Hosting applications with Silverlight Streaming (Catherine Heller)
Silverlight Streaming gives developers and designers a free place to host their Silverlight applications. Here Heller, a Windows Live technical evangelist, explains how to instantiate a hosted app on a Web page. Additional information is available here as well: Hosting Silverlight Streaming applications on your web pages.

Making Silverlight work with Visual Studio 2005 (Bryant Likes)
You can, in fact, create a class library in Visual Studio 2005 that will build against the Silverlight runtime. C# sample code is available.

Silverlight programming

On programming Silverlight (The Register)
In a wide-ranging discussion, RegDeveloper talks to a few Microsoft developers about Silverlight implementations, the XAML file format, .NET cross-platform libraries and Silverlight on the mobile phone.

Supporting full-screen mode with Silverlight (Scott Guthrie)
Full-screen mode is handy for video players and games inside applications. This post provides sample code for implementing full-screen mode in Silverlight 1.1 Alpha. Silverlight Adventures (Rich Strahl)
Rick Strahl has downloaded Silverlight and played with it a bit. Here he discusses what he liked, what he didn't like and what features and functionality he'd like to see in the final version of Silverlight 1.1.

Writing a Windows Sidebar Gadget in Silverlight (Charles Sterling)
Gadgets are UI elements that can be added to the Windows Vista Sidebar; they can display stock quotes, photos, weather reports and the like. This blog author, having already written gadgets for Windows Presentation Foundation, tried it with Silverlight and found it to be "dead simple!"

Silverlight field control for SharePoint 2007 (
Field controls in SharePoint 2007 render Windows Media Player and, thus, are capable of playing WMP-compatible files from a MOSS 2007 document library. This short article discusses how to make that field control Silverlight compatible.

Silverlight 1.1 and a nasty, nasty error message (Mark Heath)
This developer, while updating his SilverNibbles application, came across a nasty error message upon calling "timer.Begin()" in the Silverlight v1.1 Alpha refresh.

Silverlight security

The Silverlight Security Model (Shawn Farkas)
The desktop version of .NET's Common Language Runtime uses the Code Access Security model. The slimmed-down CLR in Silverlight 1.1 does not use CAS; instead, Farkas writes, it embraces a security model called CoreCLR, in which all code is transparent and must be exposed from the platform.

Unit Testing Silverlight with Selenium (Scott Hanselman)
Selenium is a Web application tool that runs right in the browser and uses HTML tables as its input Domain Specific Language. Thus, it's all JavaScript. Here Hanselman demonstrates how to get Selenium and Silverlight to play together.

TestDriven.NET with Silverlight and the CoreCLR (Jamie Cansdale)
This blogger, the author of the open-source unit testing tool TestDriven.NET, has released a beta version of the add-in that is compatible with the CoreCLR.

Silverlight and the DLR

A Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)(Jim Hugunin)
Here the man behind IronPython offers some thoughts on the philosophy behind the DLR and on the work Microsoft still has to put into it.

Clearing the air about Silverlight and the DLR (John Lam)
Here the man behind IronRuby offers nine facts about what is and is not in the DLR and what it can and cannot do.

Mix 07, Silverlight, Dynamic Languages Runtime and Open Source (Miguel de Icaza)
Here the man behind Mono indicates (near the bottom of his post) that an implementation of Silverlight on Linux with Mono is worth looking into.

Silverlight and Flash

Silverlight vs. Flash: The Developer Story (Jesse Ezell)
This blogger is a longtime Flash developer -- and a big fan of Silverlight. Here he offers his reasons, which range from true type fonts and the VC-1 codec for video to XAML and the ability to use the .NET IDE. At this point, Ezell said, the only thing Flash has going for it is its wide adoption.

M$ Silverlight vs. Adobe Flash Player: "Begun the clone war has..." (Ted Patrick)
This blogger, a Flex evangelist for Adobe, argues that Silverlight is little different than Flash, possesses a bloated runtime, depends too much on JavaScript and will takes years to even approach Flash in market penetration.

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