SharePoint 2007 Learning Guide: Workflow Tutorials

Here we link to resources that will help .NET developers write workflows for their SharePoint 2007 applications.

It's no surprise that workflow plays a prominent role in SharePoint 2007. The product, after all, is a collaboration...

suite, so it would be daft to think that a document is not going to pass from one set of hands to another roughly 87 times over the life of a project. To accommodate the seemingly endless revision cycle, SharePoint 2007 support Windows Workflow Foundation.

In this section of the SharePoint 2007 Learning Guide we link to articles that will help you incorporate workflow into your SharePoint 2007 applications. In the next section we will introduce you to the product's Business Data Catalog.


SharePoint 2007 Tutorial 2: Workflow

SharePoint 2007 workflow with Visual Studio 2005 + InfoPath 2007 (Nick Swan)
This in-depth article shows developers how to create workflows in SharePoint 2007 using Visual Studio 2005 (with the .NET Framework 3.0 Extensions) and InfoPath 2007. It is based largely on the HelloWorldSequential sample that is in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) starter kit, but, as the author states, "it's a nice walkthrough of how to put it together yourself."

SharePoint 2007 Workflows, Part 1: Setting up your environment (Sahil Malik)
Sahil Malik, a C# MVP, recently posted a four-part series about coding SharePoint 2007 workflows. In this installment he details what developers should have set up on their machines and where they can go to get it.

SharePoint 2007 Workflows, Part 2: Writing an ultra-basic workflow (Sahil Malik)
The series continues with an eight-step process for creating, deploying and debugging a workflow using Visual Studio 2005.

SharePoint 2007 Workflows, Part 3: Enhancing the ultra-basic workflow (Sahil Malik)
Here the workflow from the previous example is enhanced with some branding logic.

SharePoint 2007 Workflows, Part 4: Adding a user input form (Sahil Malik)
The series concludes with a look at the types of forms that a workflow can use and demonstration of how one can use InfoPath 2007 to create and publish said forms for use within a workflow.

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