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Here we link to video tutorials that demonstrate SharePoint 2007 features such as the Business Data Catalog and custom search capabilities.




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SharePoint 2007 Videos and Webcasts

MSDN's Office Development Center offers a set of 17 how-to videos for SharePoint 2007 developers. The videos come with a set of applicable code samples. Individual videos are highlighted below; to see the complete list of videos, click here.

Beyond the how-to video series you'll find links to three other references -- and beyond that is the next-to-last section of the SharePoint 2007 Learning Guide, which focuses on commercial and open-source products of interest.

Building Custom Activities for Use in SharePoint Designer 2007
Within SharePoint 2007 Designer, end users can drag and drop activities into their own workflows. This video shows developers how to use Visual Studio 2005 to create and deploy custom activities.

Building Simple Custom Approval Workflows with InfoPath 2007 Forms
Because InfoPath 2007 forms can be viewed inside Office system clients, they offer an extensible alternative to the use of ASPX pages to display how users interact with a workflow. This video demonstrates how to build a custom workflow that uses InfoPath 2007 forms.

Creating a Custom Search Page and Tabs in the Search Center of SharePoint Server
This video, and the article that accompanies it, looks at two means of customizing the Search Center with Tabs, which is a type of site in SharePoint 2007 that allows for better and more targeted search functionality than a mere Search box.

Creating and Editing Custom Document Information Panels from Office SharePoint Server 2007
Within certain Office 2007 documents, the Document Information Panel displays metadata about that particular file. This video goes over the process of creating and editing custom panels.

Creating and Exposing Managed Properties in the Advanced Search Page of SharePoint Server Enterprise Search
This video, and the article that accompanies it, discusses managed properties, which are bits of custom metadata that can be shown to users performing searches within SharePoint 2007's new Search Center.

Creating and Exposing Search Scopes in SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise Search
Search scopes help users narrow their search results. Here developers can learn how to use rules within the definition of a search scope and then deliver the scopes to end users via the SharePoint 2007 portal.

Creating Business Data Catalog Entities in SharePoint Server 2007
As this guide has shown, the Business Data Catalog is a means of incorporating line-of-business data into the SharePoint 2007 portal. This video, and the article that accompanies it, shows how to build the XML file where this LOB data is stored.

Enabling Users to Act on LOB Data with Business Data Catalog Actions
By using the metadata associated with the previous section of this series, one can program a BDC entity so that it contains parameterized URLs, known as Actions, where end users can make changes to their all-important LOB data.

Creating Content Sources to Crawl Business Data in SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise Search
Building on the previous two installments, this video and its complementary article looks at how to use data exposed by the BDC to configure a content source.

Filtering One Business Data Catalog List from Another by Using Associations in SharePoint Server 2007
Here programmers learn how to filter one BDC list from another. This is handy because it allows end users to create master-child relationships.

Creating Managed-Code UDFs for Excel Services
Here programmers receive a walk-through of the process of creating managed-code user-defined functions for Excel 2007. These UDFs, which can call mathematical functions, Web services or legacy databases, can be deployed to SharePoint 2007 and then called into Excel.

Creating Search Queries Programmatically by using the Search Object Model in SharePoint Server 2007
As the overview of this video and article puts it, "The Office SharePoint Server 2007 object model offers a new set of classes you can use to program the execution of a search query." This section explains how that all works.

Creating Search Queries Programmatically by using the Search Web Service in SharePoint Server 2007
Within MOSS 2007 programmers will find a Web service named search.asmx, which allows a remote client to execute a search query. This video and article look at the two Web methods that are exposed by this Web service.

Exposing Enterprise Search in SharePoint Server 2007 by using Internet Explorer 7 and the Office Research Pane
Without a lick of code, one can configure the Office research task pane so that end users can perform searches within Office 2007. There's also a search provider that will do the same thing to Internet Explorer 7.

Refining Business Data Catalog Search with Scopes
Search scopes, toughed upon in a previous installment, can be applied to BDC searches, too. In addition, the BDC searches can be displayed alongside everything else that comes up in a SharePoint 2007 search. This video and article explain how to make this happen.

Retrieving an Entire Workbook or a Snapshot of a Workbook in Excel Services
SharePoint 2007 lets end users take snapshots of part of, or the entirety of, an Excel workbook and send it along to someone. When a user wants to do this, the file is opened on the back end, the data is refreshed, and the snapshot is sent back through the Web services API. This installment provides the code needed to do all this.

Using Business Data Catalog Actions to Pass Parameters to InfoPath 2007 Browser Forms
The overview of this installment best explains what it covers: "You can build forms with Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 that run both in InfoPath 2007 and in a Web browser. For browser scenarios, you can integrate with the Business Data Catalog in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 by having a custom action pass a parameter value to form files."

In addition to the video series, found a few other bits of multimedia content that are worth a look.

Microsoft Office 2007 Development Platform - Office SharePoint 2007 for ASP.NET Developers (Microsoft)
This webcast examines the Web parts and object types that SharePoint 2007 borrows from ASP.NET 2.0. Oh, and it shows programmers how to use them.

Microsoft Channel9 Videos about SharePoint 2007 (J.S. Henry)
Finally, this blogger has been kind enough to point to all the SharePoint 2007 videos that appear on Microsoft's Channel 9. Content falls into four categories -- workflow, the Business Data Catalog, security configurations and InfoPath 2007.


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