SharePoint 2007 Learning Guide: General Tutorials

These resources will introduce .NET developers to the finer points of SharePoint 2007.

This set of documentation from MSDN offers general reference material for developers and architects getting started with a SharePoint 2007 development project. After reading it, check out the next section of the SharePoint 2007 Learning Guide, which focuses on workflow development.


SharePoint 2007 Tutorial 1: General References

Guide to SharePoint Server Features
This diagram indicates where new and improved features are to be found in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

What's New for Developers in MOSS 2007
This brief article describes the new technology available in SharePoint 2007, such as the Business Data Catalog and InfoPath Forms Services.

News for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Developers
This document links to information SharePoint Portal Server 2003 APIS that have been deprecated, changed or simply do not work in MOSS 2007. There is also information pertaining to upgrading SharePoint Portal Server Search 2003 customizations to the new Enterprise Search feature of MOSS 2007.

News for Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 Developers
MCMS has been folded into MOSS 2007. This page explains what developers used to the former can expect when they, too, migrate to the latter.

Integrating Enterprise Applications into SharePoint 2007
Thanks to the SharePoint 2007's new Business Data Catalog, data from back-end server applications can be easily integrated into front-end portal apps. There's new single sign-on functionality as well. Both should help developers integrate enterprise applications into SharePoint.

Creating Custom Solutions with Excel Services
Excel Services will load Excel workbooks in SharePoint 2007. This page links to a few articles that outline the process of creating custom services.

Managing Enterprise Document Content
Here developers will find advice on managing documents and their associated metadata.

Managing Web Content
This page links to resources that will assist developers with Web content management tasks such as page rendering, site customization and provisioning portals.

Personalizing Your Portal
This page provides help with the key architectural concepts surrounding portal personalization in SharePoint 2007. It also covers configuration and access of the User Profile Store.

Searching in MOSS 2007
Microsoft put quite a bit of effort into Enterprise Search for SharePoint 2007. The resources here explain the new Enterprise Search architecture, the means of customizing its UI and the differences in the search capabilities among the three SharePoint 2007 versions.

Creating Business Intelligence Applications
Business intelligence sites can often benefit from filter Web parts, which allow end users to narrow the criteria by which they search for data. Here developers will find some how-to information on writing and consuming these Web parts.

Administration in SharePoint Server 2007
This page offers resources for those interested in programmatic administration of MOSS 2007.

The MOSS 2007 Class Library
This page lists all the namespaces within Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Extra Credit: MOSS Technical Articles
For a deeper dive into SharePoint 2007 development and architecture, check out these technical articles from MSDN. Topics include making the upgrade from Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 to SharePoint 2007, building custom Web content management-enabled sites and creating a custom user site provisioning solution.

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