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SharePoint 2007 articles and blog entries

In this section of the SharePoint 2007 Learning Guide we link to articles and blog entries on concepts such as workflow, incorporating ASP.NET AJAX into SharePoint applications creating custom document libraries. These concepts are studied further in the next section of the learning guide, which offers more technical tutorials.

SharePoint 2007 development case study: Glu Mobile (
To demonstrate what kinds of Web apps are possible with SharePoint 2007, the SharePoint team has posted a three-part case study on Glu Mobile, maker of games for phones.

Making ASP.NET AJAX and SharePoint 2007 work together (
Both ASP.NET AJAX and SharePoint 2007 present much enterprise potential, so it's no surprise that the notion of integrating the two technologies has garnered attention recently.

What SharePoint 2007 means for content management (
Better integration with Microsoft Office and a management system based on Windows Workflow Foundation makes SharePoint 2007 a strong ECM offering, according to the Burton Group.

How to backup, restore SharePoint (J.S. Henry)
This blogger offers some thoughts on the best options for backing up SharePoint deployments. The post covers WSS 2.0 and 3.0, SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and MOSS 2007. (WSS refers to Windows SharePoint Services, which is the free version of SharePoint.)

Application Development on MOSS 2007 and WSS v3 (Chris Johnson)
This blogger, a member of Microsoft's SharePoint team, describes a project he recently worked on and the four options his team considered, those options being custom WebParts, a _layout application, users controls or ASPX pages. But what did the team decide to do?

Creating a custom document library feature in WSS V3 / MOSS 2007 (Todd Baginski, SharePoint Blogs)
Features in SharePoint 2007 allow for the loosely coupled deployment of functionality inside a SharePoint portal. This blog post gives an overview of the XML file that can be used to create the DocumentLibrary feature in SharePoint 2007.

Adding a document library feature to a site definition in WSS V3 / MOSS 2007 (Todd Baginski, SharePoint Blogs)
Building on the post cited above, this article describes how to add a custom feature to a site definition. It's rather simple, actually -- tweak the site definition's XML file, reset IIS and then create the SharePoint site.

Making SharePoint meet accessibility needs (Nick Kellett)
Up to 10% of Web users have an accessibility need. SharePoint 2007 outputs a lot of code that, unfortunately, is not compliant with Section 508, Common Look and Feel 2.0 or other accessibility regulations. This article offers some advice for making SharePoint 2007 applications abide by those regulations; some third-party tools may be needed.

MOSS 2007: Using Office Templates (Bob Mixon)
This article walks SharePoint developers through the process of creating a customer proposal, a popular document content type. "Content Types are not only good for document template management, but [also for] the complete classification of a document," the author notes.

Writing custom WebParts for SharePoint 2007, Part 1 (Code Guru)
Since SharePoint 2007 is built atop ASP.NET 2.0, building WebParts and deploying them on an ASPX page is not that difficult, Sahil Malik writes in this article.

Writing custom Web Parts for SharePoint 2007, Part 2 (Scott Guthrie)
Here the man behind just about all things related to Web development builds on the above article with several links back to Malik's blog and a lengthy discussion with his readers.

All you ever wanted to know about SharePoint 2007 site templates Sahil Malik
Here this blogger differentiates between site templates and site definitions. The former should be thought of as cookie cutters, and they are easier to create, and to use, than the latter.

All you ever wanted to know about SharePoint 2007 user profiles (Sahil Malik)
User profiles, as the name implies, contain information about an end user -- user ID, phone number, email address and so on. Here Malik indicates where user profiles are stored and shows how developers, administrators and end users can make changes to them.

Test-driven SharePoint 2007 development (Spencer Harbar)
This blogger sees a lot of "hacked out SharePoint widgets" out there, the quality of which is "oh so poor," and he blames it on a lack of test-driven development standards for the SharePoint 2007 development lifecycle. He then offers four tips for improving the SharePoint SDLC.

MOSS 2007 books list continues to grow… (Russ Stalter)
This blogger has compiled an extensive list of SharePoint 2007 books. At last count his list featured 30 separate titles.

..but wait, there's more (MSDN)
Microsoft is offering excerpts from three of its SharePoint 2007 titles.


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