LINQ Learning Guide: LINQ to DataSet

This section of the LINQ Learning Guide looks at LINQ to DataSet, which is the implementation best suited for relational data.




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LINQ to DataSet

LINQ to DataSet refers to the implementation of LINQ that works with relational data. It falls under the umbrella of LINQ to ADO.NET that also includes LINQ to SQL, which was covered in the previous section of this learning guide, and LINQ to Entities, which is next. Additional insight on the umbrella that is LINQ to ADO.NET is available on MSDN.) Here we offer a set of tips and tutorials for LINQ to DataSet programming.

LINQ to DataSet overview (Microsoft)
This brief introduction explains how LINQ to DataSet fits into the ADO.NET programming model and how it can be used for n-tier applications.

LINQ to DataSet Programming Guide (Microsoft)
Here you'll find resources that explain key LINQ to DataSet concepts such as comparing DataRows, creating DataTables, data binding and debugging.

Video: LINQ to DataSet (Microsoft)
Here Daniel Moth explains the ins and outs of LINQ to DataSet. This assumes some prior knowledge of how LINQ to Objects works.

LINQ to Dataset introduction (Daniel Moth)
This article looks at the three types within the System.Data.DataSetExtensions.dll assembly -- and they are DataRowExtensions, DataTableExtensions and TypedTableBaseExtensions -- that are most important to LINQ to DataSet.

Rich query for DataSet: An introduction to LINQ to DataSet (CoDe Magazine)
Here Andrew Conrad, one of the core designers of LINQ, explains some interesting LINQ to DataSet features. For example, there's a Field generic extension method in the DataRow class. In addition, since DataSet is an in-memory cache, its queries are translated directly into .NET intermediate language.

Querying DataSets: Introducing LINQ to DataSet (ADO.NET team blog)
In the first of a three-part series by the ADO.NET team at Microsoft, Erick Thompson demonstrates how LINQ to DataSet improves on the sort of queries one had to perform in ADO.NET 2.0.

Type safety: LINQ to DataSets Part 2 (ADO.NET team blog)
Here Thompson explains the aforementioned Field method as well as the Typed DataSet, which provides fully typed access to data.

Nulls: LINQ to DataSets Part 3 (ADO.NET team blog)
Here Thompson explains how the Null in LINQ is used quite differently than the Null in SQL.

LINQ to DataSet samples: Visual Basic (Microsoft)
This page provides 101 samples, arranged in categories such as Aggregate Operators, Ordering Operators, Restriction Operators and more. (It does not appear as though a similar set of samples is available for C#. Sorry, folks.)

Book Excerpt: Working with LINQ and DataSets from LINQ in Action
This chapter comes from Manning Publications' LINQ in Action by Fabrice Marguerie, Steve Eichert and Jim Wooley. It focuses on both typed and untyped DataSets.

Data binding with LINQ to DataSet and Data binding with LINQ to DataSet and LINQDataView (Erick Thompson)
This article explains what programmers can do if the basic data binding features of LINQ to DataSet are not enough. The best option, as Thompson suggests in the second post here, is the LinqDataView.


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