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Are you a Web developer? The time has come to rethink your entire approach to developing Web applications. Find out about the Ajax approach (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and learn how Web developers using Ajax are enriching the user experience with a more responsive interface.

 Are you a Web developer? The time has come to rethink your entire approach to developing Web applications. Find out about the Ajax approach (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and learn how Web developers are not only enriching the user interface but also making it more responsive.


Whatis.com: "Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a method of building interactive applications for the Web that process user requests immediately. Ajax combines several programming tools including JavaScript, DHTML, XML, CSS, DOM, and the Microsoft object, XMLHttpRequest." (more...)


  Ajax Quickstart  Table of Contents
  • Learn what Ajax is all about (AjaxPatterns.org)
    Not sure if Ajax is for you? This article covers what Ajax is, what it can offer you and other must know info.

  • Why use Ajax (Interakt)
    There are a lot of pros to using Ajax and there are some cons as well. This article helps you to decide if using Ajax would benefit you.

  • What is Ajax? (YouTube)
    Matt Dickman explains the basics of Ajax in this six minute YouTube clip.

  • Ajax: Getting started (Mozilla)
    This getting started guide walks you through the basics of how to make a HTTP request, how to handle the server response, and it also touches on the XML response.

  • Should you use Ajax? (Eric's Weblog)
    This blogger covers the pros and cons of using Ajax. Is Ajax right for you or your company? See what Eric Pascarello had to say.

  • Places to use Ajax (SWiK)
    This collaborative wiki list shares places it is useful to use Ajax.

  • 10 things IT needs to know about Ajax (Network World)
    Know what you should look out for when using Ajax -- security, network performance issues and more.

  • A What is Ajax cheat sheet (slash7)
    Amy Hoy created an easy to follow page to help Ajax newbies understand the fundamentals of Ajax.


  Microsoft "Atlas"  Table of Contents


  • Creating a customer view with Altas (Wahlin Consulting)
    This Webcast helps to simplify XMLHTTP programming with ASP.NET Atlas.

  • Debugging Javascript (Atlas, Ajax) (Rob Chartier)
    Blogger Rob Chartier discusses two solutions that you can use to debug Javascript.

  • ASP.Net Atlas: Creating Client-based Web applications (AjaxWorld)
    Here you will learn about the Atlas framework through development scenarios and sample Atlas-enabled Web applications.

  • Atlas project (Scott Guthrie)
    Scott Guthrie takes a look at where Atlas is today and where it is heading down the road. Buckle up; it looks like it could be a pleasant, but bumpy, ride.


  Ajax Downloads and Examples  Table of Contents



  Ajax Articles  Table of Contents



  Ajax Tutorials  Table of Contents


  • Your First Ajax Application (W3Schools.com)
    In this tutorial, the writer creates a small Ajax application to help you understand how Ajax works.

  • Create Ajax Dynamic Drop Down List using PHP - xajax (Ajax-Tutorials)
    Here is step-by-step instructions on how to create related Parent - Child Ajax Dynamic Drop Down List Using xajax PHP library.

  • Ajax - The Server-Side ASP Script (W3Schools.com)
    Here you'll learn how to create the script that displays the current server time.

  • Ajax tutorial (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    In this tutorial, you'll see how to use DOJO and JavaServer Faces technology to include Ajax functionality in a custom component.

  • Ajax Login (Ajax-Tutorials)
    Learn how to create a simple login script that uses POST to send the username and password entered to a PHP document, which then queries a MySQL database for a match.

  • AJAX Database Example (W3Schools.com)
    In this Ajax example the writer demonstrates how a Web page can fetch information from a database using Ajax technology.

  • Ajax using XMLHttpRequest and Struts (Ajax-Tutorials)
    Here's some very basic examples of how to call and respond to the XMLHttpRequest object to access server side scripts from the client.

  • Ajax Tutorial - Tutorial (Tizag.com)
    This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of Ajax and show you how to send and receive data from a server without using a "Submit" button approach.

  • Easy Ajax in Symfony (Symfony)
    Symfony has Ajax helpers that simplify programming an elaborate interface. This tutorial shows you step-by-step how to create an Ajax-powered symfony application in minutes.

  • Ajax Tutorial: A tale of two IFrames (Coding in Paradise)
    Brad Neuberg, software inventor, engineer, and open source consultant, explains how to control your browsers history in this mini tutorial.

  • Hands-on Ajax tutorial with Ajax examples (C-Point.com)
    This example shows how to dynamically retrieve data from an XML file.


  Book Reviews & Chapter Downloads  Table of Contents



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