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Windows Vista development resources

The release of Windows Vista has brought about a plethora of tips, tutorials and other resources. Here we link to some of the most helpful Vista resources for .NET developers.

The release of Windows Vista has brought about a plethora of tips, tutorials and other resources. Here we link to some helpful Vista resources for .NET developers, as suggested by Chris Bowen, Bob Familiar and Russ Fustino, who recently came to Nashua, New Hampshire as part of the Windows Vista Ready for a New Day: Launch Tour 2007.

Launch Tour 2007 resources: This site provides all the resources related to Microsoft's ongoing Windows Vista launch tour, such as case studies and demos of Office 2007 and Vista itself. The "Materials for Developers" section links to additional case studies, virtual labs and webcasts based on the launch event presentations.

DinnerNow.Net: This site may be fake -- you cannot, in fact, use it to order food and have it delivered to your door -- but all the code is real. The site uses all the .NET Framework 3.0 technologies, along with some ASP.NET AJAX and IIS 7.

Bob and Chris' MSDN Roadshow: Readers in New England may want to check out one of these free events, which are co-hosted by Bowen and Familiar and which focus on "all things .NET 3.0."

.NET Framework 3.0 Community: This community site is where top .NET 3.0 bloggers go to post announcements and code samples and to answer the questions that pop up in the site's numerous forums.

Windows Vista Developer Center: This site quite possibly offers everything and the kitchen sink for Windows Vista development. It features webcasts, virtual labs, downloads, a variety of technical articles and links to online communities. You'll also find resources that help you determine whether your existing applications will be compatible with Windows Vista.

Visual Studio 2005 Developer Center: Here you will find webcasts, virtual labs, downloads and a variety of technical articles related to Visual Studio 2005 development. (Keep in mind that Microsoft recommends the use of VS 2005 Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista development.)

Finally, you can visit the blogs of each of the presenters at the Nashua, New Hampshire launch event for additional information: Russ Fustino, Bob Familiar and Chris Bowen.

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