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WinForms development using SQL Server 2005 and Visual Basic 2005

WinForms developers looking for advice on data-driven development in Visual Basic 2005 may have to look no further than a new eight-part video tutorial from Microsoft.

For WinForms developers, data-driven development can be a bit tricky. Visual Basic 2005 does provide built-in designers, which walk folks through processes like connecting to a database, running data queries and then bringing data into the UI, but additional assistance never hurt anyone.

That's where Microsoft's Visual Basic WinForms over Data Video Series comes into play. This eight-part series, narrated by Visual Basic team member and frequent blogger Beth Massi, illustrates how to set up a SQL Server 2005 database and connect it to a WinForms application written in Visual Basic 2005. The steps detailed in this series can be taken using the free tools, too -- SQL Server 2005 Express and Visual Basic 2005 Express.

Part 1: Create a SQL Server 2005 database -- Watch | Download
Part 2: Create a WinForms app, connect it to a database -- Watch | Download
Part 3: Create a Master-Detail Form in Visual Basic 2005 -- Watch | Download
Part 4: Create a search form using Visual Basic 2005 -- Watch | Download
Part 5: Create a lookup list using a ComboBox -- Watch | Download
Part 6: Filter data in a WinForms client application -- Watch | Download
Part 7: Use AutoComplete in a ComboBox or TextBox -- Watch | Download
Part 8: Format data in WinForms controls -- Watch | Download

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