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Visual Basic .NET and printing forms

Changes to Visual Basic .NET and WinForms have not made printing forms any easier than it should be. Here we offer help with this FAQ.

Like a lot of things, printing forms should be easier than it sometimes is. Visual Basic .NET as well as WinForms have gone through a lot of changes in recent years, and those changes have meant that means of printing have had to be learned anew. Questions about printing forms are among the most frequently asked of frequently asked questions at

A big change in Visual Basic .NET was that the Printer object was replaced by the PrintDocument component. As well, a Printers collection was replaced by a PrintDialog control.

Changes in Windows Forms (System.Windows.Forms.Form) become an issue for many would-be Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET migrators as well. Adding the PrintDocument component to an application is an important first step. For more information, check out the web links below.

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