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Using data sources with databases: Ch. 14 of Murach's VB 2005

This book excerpt offers tips for binding data to Windows Forms, using data sources with DatGridView and TextBox controls and performing data queries.


Murach's Visual Basic 2005 looks at the language's news features -- the Generic class, Intellisense, code snippets and so on -- and also some old reliable functionality, like exception handling and validating data. While presenting these concepts, author Anne Boehm demonstrates how to create three-layer applications with ADO.NET and the Object data source, how to develop an order entry database application and how to apply object-oriented programming to business apps.

Chapter 14, How to use data sources with databases (part 1), shows how to develop Windows Forms that are bound to data sources. After covering how to create a data source, Boehm goes over using data sources with DataGridView and TextBox controls and how to deal with data errors. The chapter ends with several more hints for binding data, performing queries and interpreting SQL statements.

Read the rest of the excerpt in this PDF.


Excerpted from  Murach's Visual Basic 2005 (ISBN 1-890774-38-3) by Anne Boehm.
Copyright © 2006. Published by Mike Murach and Associates. Reprinted with permission.

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