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Toggling Boolean values

A simpler way to toggle Boolean values than the traditional method.

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This is the simplest of all tips, but one that is hardly ever used. When toggling a Boolean value, many people test for the current value and then change it -- something like this:

If _BooleanValue = True then
End if 

A simpler way is to just do this:


Every time this line is called, it will toggle the value. I use this is many of my programs for doing things like enabling and disabling buttons and setting menu check marks.


Several of you wrote in to comment on this tip. Thanks to J.P. Mohr, Stephen Hort, Harnarinder Singh, Jan van Veldhuizen, Albert Barnes and Terry Corridan for submitting the following alternative:
Another solution that is probably more easily understood is: _BooleanValue = NOT _BooleanValue

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