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SharePoint 2007 development case study: Glu Mobile

To demonstrate what kinds of Web apps are possible with SharePoint 2007, the SharePoint team has posted a three-part case study on Glu Mobile, maker of games for phones.

One selling point for SharePoint 2007 is the potential to use it for customer-facing Web applications. This could appeal to developers who wish to take advantage of SharePoint's improved enterprise content management features, which range from better search analytics and business intelligence to support for blogs, wikis and RSS feeds.

To demonstrate what kinds of Web applications are possible with Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 Server, or MOSS, the SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog recently hosted a three-part series written by Allin Consulting, a Microsoft partner and the minds behind Glu Mobile, which publishes games and other entertainment for mobile devices.

  • MOSS Has Got Game, Part 1 gives an overview of the development project, which in 16 weeks took a PHP application and rebuilt it in SharePoint 2007. One key to the speed of the project was the ability to leverage Web Parts and authentication models in ASP.NET 2.0, on which SharePoint 2007 is based.

  • MOSS Has Got Game, Part 2 looks at the design elements of the new application. The story here is a mix of ASP.NET 2.0 Master Pages, Web Parts and server controls and of Cascading Style Sheets. Designers used SharePoint Designers, while developers programmed C# in Visual Studio 2005.

  • MOSS Has Got Game, Part 3 dives into application architecture. Allin achieved good client-to-server response time using a combination of an Application Object (which contains a cache of all the MOSS data) and well-placed SharePoint and SQL Server caching. Also helpful was a custom white space filter and a JavaScript class that could recognize the user type and browser and subsequently generate the appropriate script.

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