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SQL Tutorial: Number of business days between two dates

This quick SQL tutorial offers a procedure for getting the number of working days between two given dates.

This procedure in this SQL tutorial is useful to get the number of working days between the two dates given. It can be used to find answers to many questions such as the number of working days of an employee in an organisation. In our HRMS project, we need to calculate the actual leave days of an employee, excluding the holidays and weekends, and this script provides that. It has been tested on SQL Server 2000.

Create PROCEDURE Busdays @from_dt datetime,@to_dt datetime ,@wkends int output
@days int,
@dp int ,
@cnt int
set @wkends=0
set @cnt=0
set @days=datediff(d,@from_dt,@to_dt)
while @cnt <=@days
set @dp=datepart(dw,dateadd(day,@cnt,@from_dt))  
if @dp=1 or @dp=7
set @wkends=@wkends+1
set @cnt=@cnt+1

Reader Feedback

Bart H. writes: I think there's an error with the stored procedure code presented in this SQL tutorial. It actually counts the number of Weekend days within the given date range.

Unless I've completely misunderstood, to get the weekdays, the counter should be incremented when the datepart function returned value is not equal to 1 or 7.

I tested the procedure using 1-Nov-2003 and 8-Nov-2003, which is from the first Saturday in November to the second. There are 5 business days in this range, the Busdays procedure returned 3, presumably the Saturday, Sunday and the following Saturday. If a business has been using this code, their calculations will be way out.

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