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On ASP.NET AJAX testing and debugging tools

Blogger Dan Wahlin is maintaining a list of Ajax automated testing and debugging tools. Many are free, and many cater to ASP.NET AJAX applications.

Testing, scaling and debugging any Web application is a challenge. ASP.NET AJAX applications present an even bigger challenge -- partly because the asynchronous callback could leave both browser and server vulnerable, but also because the market for ASP.NET AJAX testing tools is, if not in its infancy, at the very least just learning to walk and talk.

To that end blogger Dan Wahlin is maintaining a list of Ajax testing and debugging tools. Many of them are free.

Right now the list offers more than 20 testing and 10 debugging tools, with a few technical articles thrown in for good measure. Wahlin has updated the list a few times since his original post, as readers have chimed in with some of their favorites.

For developers of ASP.NET AJAX applications, the following tools are definitely worth a look:

  • The ASP.NET AJAX Enhancements Library, hosted on CodePlex, Microsoft's open-source project-hosting site, includes a unit testing framework that integrates with Visual Studio, a client-side library and a LINQ-to-JavaScript implementation.
  • WebAii can perform JavaScript unit tests from managed code and from Visual Studio Team System. It supports both Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • will test the client side of Visual Basic, C# or IronPython Web applications inside IE 6 or IE 7. It can be extended for use with Ajax applications.
  • Web Developer Helper is an Internet Explorer plug-in that offers a set of tools for Ajax, JavaScript and ASP.NET development.

Visual Studio 2008, it should be noted, supports JavaScript debugging and will offer JavaScript IntelliSense, both of which should make it easier to test and debug ASP.NET AJAX applications.

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