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Microsoft offers Visual Studio Team System 101

Two recent tutorials from Redmond offer developers a walkthrough of Visual Studio Team System.

As development projects get more complex and development teams get larger and more spread out, the concept of team development takes hold. In team development, the aim is to implement processes that keep all members of the team -- developers, architects, testers and database administrators -- in the loop throughout the development lifecycle.

Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 Team System incorporates team development into the Visual Studio development lifecycle, combining collaboration tools with a server where all information related to the project can be saved.

To help programmers wrap their hands, and heads, around this technology, Microsoft has posted two downloadable tutorials on VSTS.

  • Introduction to Visual Studio 2005 Team System Guide: "This guide provides an introduction to Visual Studio 2005 Team System focusing on technical information and benefits. For your convenience the document is available in whole format or you can download the guide and the step-by-step example walk-through separately."
  • IT Showcase: Deploying Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server As an Enterprise-Wide Service: "By deploying Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server as an enterprise-wide service, Microsoft is standardizing methodologies for project management, software development, and software testing. This standardization provides a much more transparent management view into projects and makes complying with statutory reporting requirements much easier."

    On top of these downloads, Adam Gallant, a technical specialist with the developer toold division of Microsoft Canada, has compiled an astoudingly huge list of Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server resources. Check it out here.

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