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Learning .NET: Tips for getting started with .NET development

Our "Getting Started" tip series provides an introductory look at leading-edge technology like ASP.NET AJAX, .NET 3.0 and Visual Studio Team System.'s "Getting Started" tip series provide an introductory look at leading-edge technology. The tips aim to walk developers through the basics of, for example, planning a lifecycle project with Visual Studio 2005 Team System or designing and implementing workflows using Windows Workflow Foundation. Each tip links to resources from .NET development experts both inside and outside Microsoft.

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Topic: .NET 3.0

Get started with Windows CardSpace development
CardSpace is Microsoft's identity management tool for the .NET Framework 3.0. This tip introduces the technology and discusses how it aligns with the rest of .NET 3.0.

Get started with Windows Presentation Foundation development
If you plan to develop UI for Windows Vista applications, then you should get acquainted with WPF. This tip highlights how WPF works and explains what developers can do with it.

Get started with Windows Workflow Foundation development
Here we look at Windows Workflow Foundation, Microsoft's framework for building workflow-enabled applications, and examine a debate over whether WF is too complex.

Get started with Windows Communication Foundation development, Part 2
The second tip in this series takes a look at service factories, using Windows Communication Foundation with IIS and setting up queued calls.

Get started with Windows Communication Foundation development, Part 1
WCF brings loose coupling to distributed system development. Here we look at several recent tips, tutorials and blog posts about Windows Communication Foundation best practices.

Topic: ASP.NET

Get started with ASP.NET AJAX development, Part 3
In the latest tip in this series, Ed Tittel considers the ASP.NET AJAX road map and links to resources for both client-side and server-side development.

Get started with ASP.NET AJAX development, Part 2
In this tip we revisit ASP.NET AJAX development and present resources for getting the most out of server-side programming, the UpdatePanel and add-in controls.

Get started with ASP.NET AJAX development, Part 1
Microsoft Atlas continues to gain momentum as a Web development standard. Here we look at tutorials and application add-ins to help developers get started with Atlas.

Topic: Visual Studio

Getting started with Visual Studio Team System development
With Visual Studio Team System, Microsoft brings collaboration into the SDLC. This tip will help you get the most out of the product's planning, management and testing features.

Get started with LINQ development
The Language Integrated Query integrates data queries right into VB 9.0 and C# 3.0 and works with objects, XML and SQL. This tip highlights resources for getting to know LINQ.

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