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Introducing WPF: Chapter 1 of Essential Windows Presentation Foundation

This book excerpt offers a Windows Presentation Foundation introduction. It covers XAML and details the rich media and visual effects possible with WPF.

Windows Presentation Foundation, or WPF, is the .NET Framework 3.0 tool for creating rich client applications. With it, developers can incorporate 3D images, videos and custom graphics into their applications.

Essential Windows Presentation Foundation is written by Chris Anderson, who is a former WPF architect. Anderson covers several topics of interest for developers using WPF -- data access, controls design, the use of rich media and XAML, the Extensible Application Markup language.

Chapter 1, Introduction, provides a high-level overview of Windows Presentation Foundation. Anderson describes some of the similarities between WPF programming and WinForms programming, looks at the visual effects possible with WPF and takes a quick peek at XAML. Anderson concludes by building a Windows Presentation Foundation application in C#; there are plenty of code samples and screenshots along the way.

Read the excerpt in this PDF.


Excerpted from  Essential Windows Presentation Foundation (ISBN-13: 978-0-321-37447-9) by Chris Anderson.
Copyright © 2007. Published by Addison Wesley Professional as part of the Microsoft .NET Development Series. Reprinted with permission.

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