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Hacking time down to fractions

This tio shows how to hack a time down to fractions.

Hacking time down to fractions
Phil Lenoir

Want to really get down to instants? This tip from reader Phil Lenoir tells you how.

The only way you can access fractions of a second in VB is using a Timer, Right? Wrong.

Use this simple technique to access time down to the resolution of the PC timer interrupt. It relies on the fact that Microsoft's internal time format is stored as a Double-precision number representing the number of years since 1900.

This code will pause for the requested fraction of a second:

Public Sub Pause(dblHowLong As Double)

Dim dblPauseUntil As Double

dblPauseUntil = CDbl(Now) + dblHowLong
While cDbl(Now) < dblPauseUntil

End Sub

Phil Lenoir is a Contractor located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

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