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Get computer name and IP

This example demonstrates the use of System.NET.DNS namespace to get a computer's name and IP address.

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One of the many namespaces in the Base Class Framework is the System.Net namespace. It provides a simple programming interface to many of the protocols found on the network today. One of the classes of the namespace is DNS, which provides simple domain name resolution functionality.

The following example demonstrates the use of System.NET.DNS namespace to get the computer Name and its IP address:

Option Strict Off
Imports system
Imports System.Net.DNS
  Public Class GetIP

    Shared Function GetIPAddress() As String
      Dim oAddr As  System.Net.IPAddress
      Dim sAddr As String
      With system.Net.DNS.GetHostByName(system.Net.DNS.GetHostName())
         oAddr = New System.Net.IPAddress(.AddressList(0).Address)
         sAddr = oAddr.ToString
      End With
      GetIPAddress = sAddr
    End Function

    Shared Sub main()
      Dim shostname As String
      shostname = system.Net.DNS.GetHostName
      console.writeline("Your Machine Name = " & shostname)
      'Call Get IPAddress
      console.writeline("Your IP = " & GetIPAddress)
    End Sub

 End Class

Compile the file as: vbc getip.vb / Execute the getip.exe and the computer's name and IP will be printed on the console.


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