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Generating Distribution Files

This tip is for those programming in a language different than the target Windows system of the application.

Generating Distribution Files

This week's tip comes from reader Christian Javier Lofredo, of Buenos Aires, Argentina. While Mr. Lofredo discusses a problem and solution particular to his native Spanish language, it should be a universal tip for those programming in a language different than the target Windows system of the application.

If you use VB Spanish version, you'll probably have problems when you try to install your application in non-Spanish Windows.

This is produced by what I think of as a bug in the VB6 process that generates distribution files for your application. When your application is finished and you want to distribute it, you must generate the distribution files including all the files your application needs. This process also generates a file called 'Setup.Lst' that includes the necessary information to install all the needed files. Setup.lst also includes some useful information about paths, shortcuts and icons, and it is here that the problem appears.
The Setup.Lst file has a Section called IconGroups. In this section, there is a variable called 'PrivateGroup0' which holds only Boolean values (TRUE, FALSE).

But Spanish TRUE and English TRUE are different things. When you generate the Setup.Lst file, the Spanish VB version sets the PrivateGroup0 variable to VERDADERO ('True' in Spanish) or FALSO ('False' in Spanish). What happens when you try to install the application in the English version of Windows? Setup.EXE expects a Boolean value of TRUE or FALSE but Setup.LST has 'Verdadero' or 'Falso'.

So Setup.Exe cannot recognize the value and generates an error. The solution for Spanish users is to edit the Setup.Lst file and change the value of PrivateGroup0 variable to the English equivalents. If it says 'Verdadero' use True. If it says 'Falso' use False.

[IconGroups] Group0=ModuloCComp PrivateGroup0=Verdadero
should be changed to
[IconGroups] Group0=ModuloCComp PrivateGroup0=True.

That's it. I hope this information will be useful for those of you who use the Spanish version of VB.

Christian LoFredo

Christian, thanks for the great tip. To show our appreciation for your tip and your interest in our VB community, we're sending you a free denim shirt.

Keep those tips coming, folks.

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