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Follow up on SetFocus

Over the course of the last month, this author received several emails from current students and graduates of SetFocus attesting to the quality of the program.

Follow up on SetFocus

In my August 10th Developer Career Tip entitled "No Experience? No Problem!" I discussed a company called "SetFocus" located in Parsippany, New Jersey, about 45 miles outside of Manhattan. The company advertises that they will provide you with a 13-week intensive Visual Basic training program and in exchange, you agree to work for them for the next 9 months as a paid consultant. It sounds like a great idea, but I cautioned you that I had no personal knowledge of anyone who had gone through their training program, nor had I spoken personally with anyone from the company.

About two days after my tip was published, I received a call from Stacey Landau of SetFocus. Apparently, several of her students saw my tip. Stacey and I spoke for quite a while, and I was impressed with her obvious dedication to providing outstanding Visual Basic (and now Java) training to individuals looking to get into the marketplace quickly.

Over the course of the last month, I've received several emails from current students and graduates of SetFocus attesting to the quality of the program and their satisfaction with it. One of these emails came from a former ZDU student of mine, whose opinion I value. His resounding endorsement speaks well of the SetFocus program.

All of the endorsements carry the same message; the program is demanding and intense. Students have a full workload and you can expect an assignment every class day with at least one major project due each week. You'll also need to relocate to Parsippany for at least one year. But your relocation and hard work will be rewarded. At the end of the 13-week program, you'll be working as a consultant for a SetFocus corporate client, some of which are located in Manhattan, a hotbed of IT work.

Once again, I think this program is great for those individuals who have IT talent and who are looking to get into the marketplace quickly. If you would like more information, check out their Web Site (

I'd love to hear more about similar programs. I find it hard to believe that SetFocus is the only program of its kind. If you know of any others, please let me know via email at

Please read the first installment of this tip, "No Experience? No Problem!".
Written by John Smiley, MCP, MCSD and MCT, author, and adjunct professor of Computer Science at Penn State University in Abington, Philadelphia University, and Holy Family College. John has been teaching computer programming for nearly 20 years.

John Smiley is president of Smiley and Associates, a computer consulting firm located in New Jersey.

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