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Fast way to add a comment header

Follow these steps to create a rapid way to add a comment header to your code from Query Analyzer.

For a rapid way to add a comment header to your code from Query Analyzer, add a "comments.tql" file to the Query Analyzer Templates sub-directory.

When you are writing your view, sprocs, or triggers in Q.A., inserting a generic comment section is simply a CTRL+SHIFT+INS keypress away. The code below is the template I use; I'm the sole developer in my shop so you may need to tweak this to your own needs.

I typical place this header directly underneath a CREATE ... statement and above any parameter declarations for the code.

** Name:         Code name here
** Parameters:   Parameters here
** Description:  Description here
** Programmer:     Michael A. Garstin
** Date Written:   January 1, 2002
** Change History: 01/01/2002 - MAG
**                 First written

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