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Encryption in VBScript

This VBScript tip presents a Web-cookie encryption function.

Reader John Walker reprises his earlier encryption tip with one that will work in VBScript, as well as Visual Basic.

Back in October 2000 you were kind enough to publish a little encryption function of mine (thanks for the shirt) which was pretty much duplicated here a few weeks ago.

I just had the need for some Web-cookie encryption and discovered that neither of those encryption tips will work in VBScript due to the language's inexplicable lack of support for the Mid Statement.

This revised function will work in VBScript. To encrypt put the text to be encrypted into the Text parameter and a string key in the Key parameter. To decrypt do the same thing in reverse.

 <% Function CryptVBS(Text, Key) KeyLen = Len(Key) For i = 1 To Len(Text) KeyPtr = (KeyPtr + 1) Mod KeyLen sTxtChr = Mid(Text, i, 1) wTxtChr = Asc(stxtchr) wKeyChr = Asc(Mid(Key, KeyPtr + 1, 1)) CryptKey = Chr(wTxtChr Xor wKeyChr) hold = hold & CryptKey Next CryptVBS = hold End Function %>

Thanks, John. No fair getting a second shirt, but we appreciate your updating this encryption function.

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