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Dynamic invocation in C#

The example in this tip has methods that will be dynamically invoked at runtime from the DynaInvoke.cs.

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One very useful feature related to reflection is the ability to create objects dynamically and call methods on them. Class1.cs below has methods that will be dynamically invoked at runtime from the DynaInvoke.cs.


using System;
class Class1{
       public static String method1()
           return "I am Static method (method1) in class1";
       public String method2()
           return "I am a Instance Method (method2) in Class1";
       public String method3(String s)
          return "Hello " + s;

Save this file as Class1.cs and Compile c:/>csc /t:library Class1.cs.


using System;
using System.Reflection;
class DynamicInvoke
public static void Main(String [] args)

String path =  "Class1.dll"
Assembly a = Assembly.Load(path); 

//Invoking a static method
Type mm = a.GetType("Class1");
String i = (String) mm.InvokeMember ("method1",BindingFlags.Default | 
BindingFlags.InvokeMethod,null,null,new object [] {}); Console.WriteLine(i); 

//Invoking a non-static method
object o = Activator.CreateInstance(mm);
i = (String) mm.InvokeMember("method2",BindingFlags.Default | 
BindingFlags.InvokeMethod,null,o,new object [] {}); 

//Invoking a non-static method with parameters
object [] par = new object[] {"kunal"};
i = (String) mm.InvokeMember("method3",BindingFlags.Default |

Save this file as DynaInvoke.cs and Compile c:/>csc DynaInvoke.cs  and run C:>DynaInvoke.

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