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Defining a Build: Chapter 1 of The Build Master

Here Microsoft veteran Vincent Maraia offers insight into the build process, an important yet largely underserved element of software development.


Creating and managing builds is an important part of the application development process, for without builds there are no finished products. But while the market is flooded with resources that cover best practices for developing apps, it can be argued that the build process suffers from a lack of information.

Vincent Maraia's The Build Master: Microsoft's Software Configuration Management Best Practices addresses this gap. Here Maraia, an application development consultant in Microsoft's Premier Services Support group, offers a methodical glimpse at the build process. Topics range from the right tools for particular projects and security to versioning, automation and Microsoft's own build process.

In Chapter 1, "Defining a Build," Maraia first distinguishes between the two types of builds -- developers, which are located on a local machine, and projects, which sit in a central location and usually consist of several components. From there, Maraia defines other key terms for build developers and outlines the way the process should, in theory, flow.

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Excerpted from The Build Master: Microsoft's Software Configuration Management Best Practices by Vincent Maraia (ISBN: 0-321-3320-59).
Published Oct. 2, 2005, Addison-Wesley Professional. Pages: 288; Edition: 1
Part of The Addison-Wesley Microsoft Technology Series.

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