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Creating online documentation

C# allows automatic generation of comments in XML format.

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C# allows automatic generation of comments in XML format. XML is similar to HTML. Let's concentrate on C#. Note that all programs in this lessons need to be compiled with the option /doc. For example, if you save the program below in a file hello.cs and want to generate hello.xml, you would type csc /doc:hello.xml hello.cs. To generate an XML file from a C# program, we add triple slash comments ///. The simplest comment starts with a keyword <summary> and ends with a keyword </summary>. Comments should be placed just before the line of code they are annotating.

//This is just a comment 
using System; 
///<summary> class Test has only one method </summary> 
class Test 
    ///<summary> string z contains identifier to output </summary> 
    private static string z="Hello"; 
    ///&lsummary> method Main is an entry point of the program </summary> 
    public static void Main() 

Let's look inside hello.xml, which captures the general structure of the program hello.cs. Here is a small dictionary:

T    Type. Class Test is a type. 
F    Class member. z is a data member of class Test. 
M    Method. Main is a method of class Test. 
!    Error. Dead link. 

P    Property.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

  <member name="T:Test">
  <summary>class Test has only one method</summary> 
  <member name="F:Test.z">
  <summary>string z contains identifier to output</summary> 
  <member name="M:Test.Main">
  <summary>method Main is an entry point of the program</summary>

Other interesting commands are:

  • <see also cref= "Something"/> gives a link to Something, which must be in your program file. <para> and </para> mark the begining and the end of the paragraph.

  • <remarks> </remarks> -- similar to <summary>

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