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Converting a project from VS.NET 2003 to VS.NET 2002

Two simple steps for converting a VS.NET 2003 project to VS.NET 2002.

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The easiest way to convert a project/solution created using VS.NET 2003 to VS.NET 2002 is to edit the "solution" and its "corresponding C# project file" manually.

  1. After opening the solution file in Notepad, change the "Format version," which would be on the first line, from "8.00" to "7.00." Save the file and close it.

  2. Then open the corresponding C# project file and replace the existing "ProductVersion" and "SchemaVersion" with what's below:
    ProductVersion = "7.0.9466"
    SchemaVersion = "1.0"

    Save and close the file.

That's it. You can now open the project in VS.NET 2002. Obviously, there would/might be some minor backwards compatibility issues with the way we code in VS.NET 2003 and VS.NET 2002.

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