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Chapter Download: Introduction to Office Solutions

This chapter comes from "Visual Studio Tools for Office: Using C# with Word, Excel, Office and InfoPath," the latest book in the Microsoft .NET Development Series.

The Microsoft .NET Development Series, published by Pearson Education, features nearly two dozen titles that cover VB.NET, ADO.NET, C# and other important topics in the .NET framework. The latest title in the series, Visual Studio Tools for Office: Using C# with Word, Excel, Office and InfoPath by Eric Carter and Eric Lippert, is slated for a September 2005 release.

This sample chapter, "Introduction to Office Solutions," is the second in the book. It begins by defining the three patterns followed by most VSTO Office solutions – automation executable programs, Office add-ins and code behind an Office document.

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The authors then examine each pattern in greater detail, using code examples and screen shots to show developers how to perform certain tasks. Using automation executable programs, for example, developers can automate Word to create a table after reading a text input file, while code behind an Office document can be used to add buttons to an application's Action pane.

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