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Book excerpt: Windows Communication Foundation services

In Windows Communication Foundation, services receive and process requests from a client. This book excerpt explains how to program service behaviors and set up error handling.

Windows Communication Foundation is Microsoft's platform for creating service-oriented architectures and connected messaging systems in the .NET Framework 3.0. Wrox Press' Professional WCF Programming introduces experienced .NET developers to this platform, focusing specifically on important WCF processes such as bindings, contracts, hosting and security.

Chapter 8, Services, begins by identifying the three types of WCF services -- typed, or parameter model, services; untyped services, and typed message services, also known as message contract models. From there, author Scott Klein talks about service behaviors, which both modify and control the way WCF services act at runtime, and the various attributes that these behaviors may have. The chapter ends with a few words about building error handling into Windows Communication Foundation services.

(Note: This chapter presumes that readers are familiar with the concepts of the address, the binding and the contract as they relate to Windows Communication Foundation services. A quick introduction to the so-called ABCs of WCF can be found in the article Programming SOA with WCF.)

Read the excerpt in this PDF file.

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Excerpted from the Wrox book, Professional WCF Programming: .NET Development with the Windows Communication Foundation (ISBN: 978-0-470-08984-2) by Scott Klein.
Copyright © 2007. Published by John Wiley and Sons Inc., and available at your favorite book seller. Reprinted with permission.

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