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Book excerpt: Code snippets in Visual Studio 2005

This chapter from "Professional Visual Studio 2005" explains code snippets, which let developers save frequently used chunks of code and call them up whenever needed.

Visual Studio 2005 is the ideal IDE for developing robust .NET 2.0 applications -- and, with the release of Windows Vista, for .NET 3.0 apps as well. Professional Visual Studio 2005 from Wrox Press explains what the IDE brings to the table throughout the software development lifecycle -- design, documentation, coding, debugging, testing and deploying. The authors also devote a few chapters to general tips and timesavers.

Chapter 19, Code Snippets, examines the new feature of Visual Studio 2005 that allows developers to insert frequently used sections of code into an application's code base. Snippets, which are saved as XML files, can then be reused early and often. In the chapter, authors Andrew Parsons and Nick Randolph discuss the differences between code snippets ion Visual Basic, C# and J# and demonstrate how to create and manage libraries of snippets.

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Excerpted from the Wrox Press book,  Professional Visual Studio 2005 (ISBN 978-0-7645-9846-3) by Andrew Parsons and Nick Randolph.
Copyright © 2006. Published by John Wiley & Sons Inc. Reprinted with permission.

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