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Book excerpt: An introduction to ADO.NET 2.0

This excerpt offers Visual Basic programmers an introduction to what's new in ADO.NET 2.0.

ADO.NET is the primary API for data access within the .NET Framework. The set of classes that are used for data access did not change much in the upgrade from ADO.NET 1.0 to v2.0; what did change, though, was the process for database application development.

Murach's ADO.NET 2.0 Database Programming with VB 2005 introduces developers to ADO.NET 2.0, illustrates the steps necessary to build WinForms and ASP.NET database applications and explains how to manage database processing, data retrieval and database management.

Chapter 2, An introduction to ADO.NET 2.0, discusses datasets, which should be familiar to ADO.NET programmers, and the four data providers that come with .NET 2.0 and allow programmers to work directly with databases. The chapter ends with a brief look at the way ADO.NET applications are structured.

Read "An introduction to ADO.NET 2.0" in this PDF file


Excerpted from  Murach's ADO.NET 2.0 Database Programming with VB 2005 (ISBN: 978-1-890774-43-1) by Anne Boehm.
Copyright © 2007. Published by  Mike Murach & Associates, Inc., and available at your favorite book seller. Reprinted with permission.


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