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Applications: Chapter 14 of Windows Forms 2.0 Programming

This chapter download offers insight into building both single-instance and multiple-instance applications with WinForms.


Application development with Windows Forms has changed much with the introduction of Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0. Windows Forms 2.0 Programming covers the ins and outs of working with this new technology. And there's much to learn, from fundamentals like forms, data validation and layout to resource management, data binding and ClickOnce deployment.

Chapter 14, Applications, begins with hints for managing a WinForms application's lifetime and for responding to a workflow disruption. From there, the authors cover the single-instance and multiple-instance app models available to developers in Visual Studio 2005.

Read the excerpt in this PDF.


Excerpted from  Windows Forms 2.0 Programming, 2nd Edition (ISBN 0-3212-6796-6) by Chris Sells and Michael Weinhardt.
Copyright © 2006. Published by Addison-Welsey as part of the Microsoft .NET Development Series. Reprinted with permission.

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