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Another great .NET resource: .Net2TheMax

A look at an online resource called .Net2TheMax.

In my ceaseless search for good Visual Studio and .NET resources, I'm always trolling the Web in search of helpful, friendly, and informative sites. My latest find can be decoded as "Dot Net to the Max" (.Net2TheMax, in its native format), and does a pretty good job of living up to its name. It's an offshoot of another great resources in its own right—namely Fawcette Technical Publication's Visual Studio Magazine—and includes articles on a variety of subjects of potential interest to VS.NET developers at all levels of interest and experience. Just for the record, what drove me to this site was a desire to find places where interested developers can find ample source code to demonstrate concepts, use of APIs, development tools, and so forth.

Recent coverage gives a pretty good idea of typical content on this site, which consists of copious amounts of source code:

  • Message brokering system: permits clients to register with a server that can broker messages to and from other clients; uses .NET remoting (available for C# only).
  • Configuration infrastructure for distributed and modular applications: provides a mechanism to share configuration information across multiple executables and hosts using XML files and various registry keys (uses VB.NET only).
  • SafeMailLink HttpModule: encodes all mail links found in the HTML markup that ASP.NET pages include, to block address harvesting from Spambots (C# source code only).

Looking back into the archives also available through the .Net2TheMax home page, you'll find lots more articles and examples here, including stories on .Net charting, how to close data readers quickly, lots of information about recursive and reusable routines, and plenty more! You can also find pointers to free software utilities aimed at .NET developers, plus various products and training offerings as well. This one's definitely worth a visit, and perhaps also, inclusion in your Favorites or Bookmarks.

Ed Tittel is a full-time writer and trainer whose interests include XML and development topics, along with IT Certification and information security topics. E-mail Ed at with comments, questions, or suggested topics or tools to review.

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