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  • September 16, 2009 16 Sep'09

    Create iPhone apps with .NET

    Novell announced the availability of MonoTouch 1.0, a software-developer kit (SDK) that enables developers to create iPhone- and iPod Touch-based apps that leverage the Mono versions of .NET.

  • April 22, 2008 22 Apr'08

    Microsoft links BizTalk to RFID to Windows Mobile apps

    Microsoft made available a private beta for Microsoft BizTalk RFID Mobile, with general availability expected in late this year. It is said to simplify development of mobile applications that expose real-time business information.

  • December 24, 2007 24 Dec'07

    .NET Micro Framework securing device software -- and attracting vendors

    Recent advances for the .NET Micro Framework include a Service Pack release and third-party ports onto ARM processers.

  • December 17, 2007 17 Dec'07

    Web server brings ASP.NET to Windows CE

    OpenNETCF Consulting's Padarn is an ASP.NET Web server that runs under Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0. It is installed as a managed assembly.

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