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  • December 03, 2008 03 Dec'08

    Java application frameworks come to .NET

    Third-party application frameworks have been popular in the Java world for years, but several projects are now trying to bring those tools to .NET. Frameworks like Spring for .NET are introducing developers to concepts like aspect-oriented ...

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  • 3 ways Steeltoe opens the door to microservices in .NET

    The .NET framework doesn't leap to mind in a conversation about microservices development, but an open source project called Steeltoe could change that. Continue Reading

  • domain name

    A domain name locates an organization or other entity on the Internet. For example, the domain name "www.totalbaseball.com" locates an Internet address for "totalbaseball.com" at Internet point and a particular host server named "www." Continue Reading

  • D

    D is one of two programming languages, Digital Mars D, an object-oriented metaprogramming language, or Microsoft D, a key component of the upcoming Oslo development environment. Continue Reading

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