Special Report: What Windows Vista means for .NET developers

Here we look at what's new in Windows Vista and Office and how developers can use Visual Studio and .NET 3.0 to leverage these new features.

Now that Windows Vista is available for both professional and home use, many .NET developers are starting to look into what it will take to develop applications for the new operating system. In this special report, SearchVB.com provides a look at what is new in the Windows Vista and Office 2007 user experience. There is also some expert advice for developers who want to take advantage of these new features by using Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 3.0.

  PODCAST: .NET Development and Windows Vista

Windows Vista is finally here, and with it comes a new UI for the Office suite, a more robust SharePoint and plenty "plumbing" code that need not be rewritten time and time again. Bill Steele and Anand Iyre, two MSDN developer evangelists, recently talked to SearchVB.com about these new features and what they will mean for .NET developers.
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      ARTICLE: What Windows Vista means for .NET developers

    From the Office 2007 Ribbon to Visual Basic 6 support and a Registry "Jedi mind trick," Microsoft says there is a lot for developers to like about the new Windows Vista. This article covers the many new things that can be done with Vista and identifies a few things that cannot be done.
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      ARTICLE: Using WPF to give .NET apps what's missing

    Microsoft's "Ready for a New Day" Vista launch tour is showing developers how to use .NET 3.0 and Visual Studio 2005 to mimic the operating system's new user experience.
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      TIP: Windows Vista development resources

    The release of Windows Vista has brought about a plethora of tips, tutorials and other resources. Here we link to some of the most helpful Vista resources for .NET developers.
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