ASP.NET AJAX Special Report

Our ASP.NET AJAX special report offers book excerpts, a learning guide and several articles to help .NET developers get started with Microsoft's Ajax framework.

Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX framework has emerged as a rather useful tool for building Ajax-enabled ASP.NET applications with little hard coding. It includes a set of pre-written controls that can plug right into existing applications and a JavaScript library, plus it comes with the familiarity of the .NET Framework. Oh, and it's free.

This special report offers expert interviews, book excerpts, a learning guide and a three-part article series, all aimed at helping you get started with ASP.NET AJAX development. If you think there is anything missing from this report, or if you

  SERIES: ASP.NET AJAX development fundamentals

  • Part 1: Programming for the ASP.NET AJAX interface
    ASP.NET AJAX, having been built atop ASP.NET, is tightly coupled with .NET. This server-side model works well for basic applications, but advanced apps need some client-side work.

  • Part 2: Using ASP.NET AJAX for large-scale Web applications
    ASP.NET page performance can be hampered by huge files stored in viewstate. By replacing postbacks with callbacks, ASP.NET AJAX can significantly reduce this bandwidth load.

  • Part 3: Ajax security holes and how to fill them
    Along with improvements in UI and client-side programming, Ajax brings security issues. Here three experts identify Ajax security shortcomings and how to address them.

      INTERVIEWS: Authors of ASP.NET AJAX in Action

  • Q&A: Putting ASP.NET AJAX into action
    Alessandro Gallo, one of three authors of ASP.NET AJAX in Action, discusses the framework, its JavaScript libraries, the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit and more.

  • Podcast: ASP.NET AJAX gurus explain the framework inside and out
    The book's other two authors, David Barkol and Rama Krishna Vavilala, share their insight into getting started with Microsoft's Ajax development framework.

      ASP.NET AJAX Book Excerpts

  • From Secure ASP.NET AJAX Development: Ajax Security Pitfalls
    Ajax applications provide hackers with a larger attack surface than traditional HTML apps. This book excerpt explains why and suggests how to strengthen client-side code.

  • From Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET: Using the Ajax.NET Pro Library
    This chapter looks at the Ajax.NET Professional Library, an open-source framework that saves .NET developers from rewriting code to make it available for JavaScript.

  • From Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET: Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX Controls
    This chapter examines the many controls within ASP.NET AJAX, from the all-important UpdatePanel to the validators possible through data binding.

       ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Learning Guide

  • The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit is a set of ready to use Ajax controls and extensions for ASP.NET apps. This reference introduces the toolkit and links to a variety of controls.
    Read the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Learning Guide

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