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What the $%*#? Web site offers repository of rudeness

Get the bar of soap ready. Your mouth may need some scrubbing after a few clicks on "Swearsaurus." Although it sounds like a dinosaur with a potty mouth, this site is like a of curses -- a polyglot lexicon of lewd language. But at least one expert thinks swearing is a real stress reliever.

Supposedly, it was Mark Twain who said, "In times of stress, swearing affords a relief denied even to prayer." Whether you want to curse your computer in Cantonese, malign Microsoft in Moroccan, or just call your dog dirty names in Dutch, you're bound to find blue bounty in the so-called "Swearsaurus."

Swearsaurus is part of Insultmonger. According to its creator, John Carter, Swearsaurus is the world's largest archive of international swearing, with 16,000 off-color statements in 133 languages. The site's readers submit the vile verbiage. Carter says that, in the past year, Swearsaurus' popularity has exploded. "It even got featured on a very popular British TV program -- V Graham Norton -- with actor Rutger Hauer (of Blade Runner fame) reading some of our Dutch insults."

Carter said that his inspiration for creating the site came from a lack of artful insults in the public arena. "There were a lot of generic insults which were pretty lame, such as, 'If ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic,'" he said. "Cute, but hardly cutting. My style is a sharper mix of funny and punch. There is a skill to insults. If it was easy, we'd all be Oscar Wildes, instead of issuing comebacks such as 'Yeah, well [*%$!] you, too!'"

If you think swearing is beneath you, take a look at the article on the site titled "A Study in Swearing" (located at the end of the language list). According to author Andrew Gray, "even English monarchs and American presidents have been known to participate in the habit."

Gray's article states that swearing can be "beneficial as a means of relieving pent-up anger." It also says that "studies have indicated that those who swear regularly suffer less from stress than those who do not."

So next time your boss gets on your case, tell him to "Upoko kohua!" (That's "Cut your head off and boil it in oil!" in Maori.)

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