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Quick Takes: Get on the COM Express

COM Express 1.3 released

Shoutsoft has something to shout about.

Its COM Express 1.3 is now ready to generate some VB code.

Version 1.3 supports COM+, SQL2000 XML SQL, MS SOAP Toolkit 2, XML, stored procedures, unlimited hierarchies and sophisticated GUI app using seven popular DataGrids.

WordConverterX released

At a loss for word converters? You may need to look up WordConverterX.

It is ActiveX component that helps developers add a document (Word/Excel) conversion utility to their applications.


SearchWorks 2.0 released

Looking for a speedy and flexible file searching component with full support for pattern matching and directory recursion? Then your search may end with SearchWorks.

SearchWorks 2.0 is now out of the bag. Read more at

Click here for more info on the freshly-released uiRad 1.0.

The User Interface R.A.D. Control lets developers support field level validation, field level formatting, rule-based resizing, and more in data entry forms with just a few lines of code in the form load event.

TX Text Control - v8.0 released

TX Text Control is royalty-free word processing software in reusable component form that lets you build complete word processing, office and intranet applications.

Check out the free, fully-featured, time-unlimited trial version.Click here for more information.

ComponentOne VSVIEW 7.0 Reporting Edition released

ComponentOne LLC has released ComponentOne VSVIEW 7.0 Reporting Edition.

The newest version of VSVIEW 7.0 Classic Edition adds flexible database reporting to VSVIEW's existing document previewing, printing, and exporting features.

If you want to create Microsoft Access-style database reports for Visual Basic, VC++, and C++Builder applications, this may be a handy tool.

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