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Quick Takes: ActiveError is no mistake

ActiveError Foundation Error Demos

Make no mistake about it, Cirkadia has published their collection of demos which provide a complete working model for ActiveError handling in Components, OCXs, WebClasses and ASP Components.

ActiveError Foundation is a fast way to develop, test and deploy error-resilient applications and COM components. A 30 day demo is available.

DataBlaze 1.0 released

DataBlaze is a tool that lets you view, insert, update and delete records from any datasource you can connect to using a DSN.

DataBlaze allows you to actually perform operations on multiple data sources in adjacent windows simultaneously.

Digital Lock software copy-protection system released

Digital Lock is a set of ActiveX components designed to keep people from pirating 32-bit or 64-bit Windows-based software applications, components and even Web-based applications on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows platforms.


WebToolBar 1.2 released

HexaTech has a heckuva tech product out. WebToolBar 1.2 is a component for integrating your own toolbar into the Internet Explorer.

WebToolBar 1.2 lets you build a run-time toolbar that incorporates button images, text, tooltips and menus and is driven by script that can be stored on your Web server for easy update and maintenance.

COM Explorer 2.0 released

4Developers has released COM Explorer 2.0, a tool specifically designed to help developers and system administrators explore, manage and repair COM files.

Interested? Get to

VBCodeHelper 3.0.3 released

An add-in update to tell you about: VBCodeHelper 3.0.3 is rarin' to go.

This helper tames the tedium of VB development by letting you include error handling and boilerplate documentation. This version also gives you control over the assignment of hot-keys.

There's a half-price special going on this month. Check out more info at

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