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Quick Takes: An ActiveX life

VideoOCX available

Here's a little gem for you: A new ActiveX control by Vision Pearls.

VideoOCX lets you easily integrate live video display and capture capabilities into your applications ranging from scientific image processing to surveillance and multimedia Webcams.

Check out for more information.

ActiveXplorer 2.0 released

This updated version of ActiveXplorer is an ActiveX file viewer and analyzer that finds missing files to solve DLL Hell.

It also analyzes controls and generates a technical document of methods and properties.

Click here, and check out the free demo.

XCalls Component 1.0 released

Xcalls ? it sounds like something you might run up on a credit card late at night, but in this case it's an ActiveX DLL that gives you control of your client-server DCOM communication.

XCalls allows your application to issue asynchronous and user-cancelable calls, optionally with customizable call-progress dialogs and timeouts -- no change to server code necessary.

CodeSMART 2001 available

Wanna get CodeSMART? The 2001 model makes it easier to find code, manage shared code libraries, use MS Word-like auto-text, refine code with the code analyzer, and so forth.

Find out what else CodeSMART 2001 can do at

Nuzzly 2.1 released

Nuzzly 2.1 is software that lets you share your source code and chat with other programmers.

Some of Nuzzly's new features include copy-paste in chat, visit hyperlinks with a click, ignore other users in chat, change your icon to busy.

Check out to see what Nuzzly is all about.

BW Zip Compress OCX 3.0.99 released

This Zip zaps a bug that may stowaway on WinNT 4.0 via some service packs.

This version will work with any service pack available to WinNT 4.0. Some other smaller bugs were zapped too.

Polar Zip 5.0 released

Zipping your way from Croatia ? it's version 5.0 of Polar's ZIP component.

"Zip the fifth" has a bunch of new features, including memory compression and decompression; memory to zip file conversion and vice versa; a completely redesigned and simplified user interface; and loads of self-extracting options.

There are also samples aplenty of Visual Basic, VC++, ASP, MS Access, MS FoxPro, C++Builder and Borland Delphi complete with source codes, which you may use freely for rapid application development.

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