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Quick Takes: The suite hereafter

FASTlib.Net 2.0 released

FASTlib.Net 2.0, the product formerly known as FAST.lib 2000 for Windows, is available for your downloading pleasure.

The product includes 120+ ActiveX controls and 100+ classes ready to use. It comes with a new gallery of controls for Office suite, Lotus Notes suite or Explorer suite.

Click here for more information.

Project Analyzer 5.3 removes dead code

Like a virtual buzzard, Project Analyzer 5.3 Enterprise Edition deletes or comments out dead code, including uncalled procedures, extra API calls, variables and constants.

It also modernizes code by replacing old syntax conventions with a newer equivalent.

Click here and check out the free demo.

Memory Sleuth 2 released

Here's something to remember: Memory Sleuth 2, an upgraded debugging tool for professional Windows programmers, has been released.

Memory Sleuth 2 now finds more than twice as many kinds of programming bugs as the first version. It keeps an eye on a Windows application while it runs, then reports wherever memory and other resources were allocated but never freed. It requires no changes to a program's source code.

Developers Pad beta 2 released

Come check out the new pad! Developers Pad beta 2 has been released.

Features include syntax highlighting (including ASP, VB, HTML, JSP, C#), auto-indent, project view and more.

MDIExtender control updated has updated the MDIExtender control.

The updated version contains fixes for the issues discovered since the last release and lets you use MDI child forms in ActiveX DLLs.

Go to for more information.

VBCodeHelper 3.0.2 released

A new version of the VBCodeHelper Visual Basic Add-In has been released with an enhanced user interface.

This version removes some of the tedium associated with VB development by automating the insertion of error handling and boilerplate code documentation.

Go to and download a 30-day evaluation.

WebZinc2 unveiled

Version 2 of WebZinc, an ActiveX DLL that turns the Web into an Object, has been unveiled.

The new release is said to grab Web pages more than 500% faster than previous versions, and is being offered at version 1 prices with a further 30% discount until April 15th.

New Office XP resource

Searching for technical articles and samples that demonstrate and teach a specific area of Office technology? Get thee to, and get your "learn on."

SOAP Toolkit 2.0 RCO

Download the first Release Candidate of the Soap Toolkit 2.0 and get several major enhancements, including a new ISAPI listener and support for simple arrays.

Click here to get goin'.

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