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Quick Takes: Targeting developers

Bullseye Business Locator updated

ElectricVine hopes to be right on target with its new version of Bullseye DLL.

The updated version lets you search locations by zip or postal code and performs any postal code search task for NT servers.

Check out for more info.

VSBuilder 2.0 released

See if this "fits" your needs -- VFit Technologies has released VSBuilder 2.0.

Developers can use this tool to automate the multi-component build process for Visual Basic and Visual C++. The product is fully integrated with Visual Source Safe to track and manage builds.

Click over to where more information awaits you.

VBMaximizer 1.02 released

VB-2-The-Max extends the VB IDE with more than 70 new commands and a full-featured Code Librarian that lets you categorize, search, bookmark, and annotate your procedures. This librarian won't shush you either.

The full source code is available with the enterprise license.

Check out for maximum info.

PictureBox3D ActiveX Control 1.0.0 released

X marks the box in this case. VisualX Components has released PictureBox3D 1.0.0.

It's an ActiveX Control that provides properties, methods and events to create and manipulate 3D graphics at run time on any Windows or Web site application.

Check out for more details.

Infragistics releases Ultrasuite

Infragistics, the company begotten from the merger of Sheridan and Protoview, has an ultra-sweet deal for you.

UltraSuite is made up of 45 key components and offers a full array of ActiveX Controls available for Windows applications developed in Microsoft Visual Studio.

UltraGrid, ScheduleX 8.0, Data Explorer 8.0, and ActiveTreeView are all staying in the suite. Check out for more information.

ShComboBox, FolderView ActiveX controls 3.1 released

We've got a pair of new ActiveX controls from the good folks at Sky Software to tell you about.

ShComboBox lets you to add a Windows Explorer-like drive-selection combobox to your application, showing all the drives, folders and even files.

It apes all aspects of the Windows Explorer combobox from displaytexts, icons and overlayicons to virtual folders.

FolderView lets you add a Windows Explorer-like treeview to your application showing all files and folders. It apes all aspects of Explorer from displaytexts, icons and overlayicons to contextmenus, dragdrop, AutoUpdate, infotips, renaming, and virtual folders.

Click here to learn more about ShComboBox .

Click here to learn more about FolderView.

VBBackup 1.3, ActiveWizard 1.4 released

A "twofer" from R.M. de Boer Software:

The company has released VBBackup 1.3, a Visual Basic add-in to create backups of all your Visual Basic projects.

With each project you can add/include additional files to be backed up, enter a memo for each project, provide a password for each backup for security and backup all components/references of the project (DLL/OCX).

The company has also unleashed a little wizardry with ActiveWizard 1.4.

That's an ActiveX control for VB6, to create Windows 2000 style wizards. .

PropertyWindow 2001 released

PropertyWindow 2001 is an ActiveX component that manages all user data automatically.

It can create an unlimited number of property pages and an unlimited number of properties per page.

Click here for more information.

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